Manufacturing Cabrio double-decker buses used for sightseeing tours in the main European capitals.

We are manufacturers of tourist buses with the most avant-garde design on the market in this sector, with very light lines to make them more attractive, more spacious, more luminous and more comfortable.

Our new BS model represents a revolution in Cabrio tourist buses.

We have managed to make these vehicles much more comfortable for users, with more modern aesthetics.

bus turístico
bus turistico


  • More spacious and luminous lower deck.
  • Greater comfort and spacious accesses to the upper deck – stairs.
  • Aesthetic improvements with tarpaulin system integrated into body.
  • Improved setting, with interior LED lighting that can be configured in different tones and intensities.
  • Heating on both decks (in the open-top upper deck, too).
  • Evenly distributed air-conditioning throughout the entire vehicle, channelled through roof.
  • Interior and exterior safety cameras.
  • More ergonomic position for guide: greater comfort and more space.
  • Aesthetic finishes in high range materials: Plexiglas and stainless steel.
  • Central platform for PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) with greater capacity – admitting the possibility of carrying 2 wheelchairs and space for pushchair.
  • Multi-channel audio system with individual built-in USB connection for each user.